• We need Healing Biotopes

    Please watch this short video from the Tamera Peace Village, it might inspire you!

  • The Vision

    as written in December 2016, in Seattle, WA


    I'm looking at a piece of land between Seattle and Portland that I want us to acquire. I want it to be a space for a visionary community, using Permaculture principles, and modeled after the Tamera Peace Village.
    It will be a space for inner and outer peace research in the domains of community, love, and water/ecology.
    It will address healthy resilience of the physical body, through decentralized energy, housing, food, and water on-site production.
    It will address the intellectual body through an invitation to share ideas, dreams, curiosity, exploration, and an encouragement of the experimentation of new ideas, particularly if they serve the peace work vision.
    It will address the emotional body through emotional awareness education (using Possibility Management and other tools), communication, space for sharing, for seeing others and being seen, and spaces for processing emotions and healing trauma.
    It will address the energetic body through spiritual practice and research, meditation, rituals, connection with the natural world, and informed by the bigger vision, and also informing the bigger vision.
    Who's in? And what can you contribute?

  • The ideal land

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    950 acres, with a mix of wooded areas and cleared areas. Shade, forests, creeks, nature, open space, the potential is huge!

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    A 15,000 sqf barn

    A large barn is located at the south end of the property. It will be an ideal site to store items on the way in or out of the property.

    It might also be better than camping the first few months.

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    Location, location, location

    In between Seattle and Portland, 15 minutes from the freeway. It's under 2 hours from both Seattle and Portland. It gives us access to these 2 large cities, while permitting a round-trip in the same day, as opposed to very remote locations that take 3-5 hours to get to, where you would not want to go to just for a day.

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    RDD10, which allows for multiple options, including one house per 10 acres, i.e. up to 95 houses!

  • The money to make it happen

    This land is currently for sale for $1,450,000.

    That's quite a chunk of change, yet is pretty cheap for the size, and for the scope of our project.

    Here's how we'll make it happen!

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    Small scale financial contributions

    $1 - $750

    We have a series of perks for people who can give anywhere from $1 to $750


    $1 -- a drink of your choice at the Tenowa bar
    $5 -- a product crafted at Tenowa with a value up to $7
    $5 -- a Thank you postcard
    $10 -- a meal at Tenowa
    $20 -- a night at Tenowa in the accommodation of your choice, based on availability. The longer you wait to redeem this one, the nicer the accommodation should be.
    $30 -- a night at Tenowa + breakfast
    $50 -- a Tenowa t-shirt + thank you postcard
    $75 -- two Tenowa t-shirts + thank you postcard
    $100 -- a weekend retreat at Tenowa, room and board included, from Friday night dinner to Sunday lunch.
    $175 -- weekend retreat for 2
    $500 -- Introduction week to community life and the Healing Biotope plan: get to relax on the land, tour the community, study (at your own pace) the ideas behind the Healing Biotope plan, explore, and ask all the questions you want
    $750 -- 3-week intensive Community Course: along with 15 other fellow students, experience community life and work in a team, both on the purpose of community, and on the day-to-day tasks that sustain the community. Meet the challenges of living in community and creating change in the world, while benefiting from the tools and the wisdom that helped create Tamera and Tenowa.

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    Large scale financial contributions

    $1,000 - $100,000

    For $100K you get access to a site to build a house on, with up to a 3,000 sqf foot print, to be part of our eco-resort (see http://ecoresort.tenowa.org). The exact location of the house as well as the building plans must be approved by the board of Tenowa, to ensure that the building is compatible with the land and with the Tenowa project as a whole.

    1-100k -- 1-100% of a share on a building site
    At any time you can choose to have us buy you out, from which time you get 5%/year interest on your investment until we buy you out.

    Each house will have its own accounting and budget. Each year the profit is redistributed to the owners.

    Each house will have an HOA with as many outside investors as Tenowa members.
    Decisions need 2/3 majority.

    Security for the pessimistic:
    Each 1k share goes to a vote in an investor committee. This committee has the power to vote (2/3 majority) and force Tenowa to repay all debts within 5 years, after which, the investor committee (whoever is still owed money) takes power over the land and can decide what they want to do with it.

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